2vcf reference v2.0 released

in order to keep up with the advance of human genomics, the 2vcf reference VCF is improved from dbSNP build 146 to build 151.

in addition to updating the dbSNP build, the supported RSID’s has been increased to cover Illumina OmniSeq and Global Screening Array standard manifest of markers. there are many additional RSID’s that are present in the 23andme custom chips from the v2/v3 era, and some of those have been recovered by pulling the list of RSID’s from personal data.

if the reference is still missing some RSID’s, please open an issue on our github page and drop the list of missing ID’s. we’ll get them added asap.

##v2.0 reference VCF https://openb.io/2vcf/2vcf-v2.0.vcf.gz